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Women In Media | Abigal Tembo #Choosetochallenge​

By Pretty

"I'm really happy that i am an inspiration to young women who also want to be in media, my satisfaction…

Women In Farming| Nomsa Mliswa #Choosetochallenge

By Pretty

"The land revolution was the best thing that ever happened to me, i am now an empowered woman, financially stable,…

Young Women In Mining – Chiedza Chipangura’s Journey

By Pretty

In this #Choosetochallenge feature Chiedza Chipangura encourages women to venture into mining "There is no industry without challenges, they exist…

Young Women In Politics – Tatenda Mavetera’s Journey

By Pretty

In this month of March -women's month, we take a glimpse into the lives of young women who #Choosetochallenge gender…

Young Women In Mining – Everdine Deshe’s Journey

By Pretty

A young female miner with claims across cities, Everdine speaks on her journey, the hurdles, and available groups to support…