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A Letter To Zanu PF’s Beatrice Nyamupinga | #DearMP

In this episode of #DearMP, we asked Goromonzi West constituency residents if they had anything they would want to say to their legislator, Beatrice…

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“Mbare Is The Home Of Talent” | Mini Documentary

Take a look at the life of young photographer, Tanaka Chembezi who is using his art to show his community to the world…

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Are Money Changers Causing Zimbabwe’s Inflation?

Scores of illegal forex moneychangers were arrested as they were converting ZiG into US dollars at a higher rate than that proposed by the…

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Zimbabwe’s New ZiG Currency: Is History Repeating Itself?

We hit the streets of Harare to find out what citizens think of the new ZiG currency

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The Incredible Impact Of Earth Worms | Mini Documentary

Waste management of biodegradable materials has emerged as one of the greatest challenges facing Harare. But did you know that earth worms could be…

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Pelandaba’s Letter To Honorable Ostallos Siziba | #DearMP

It's been months since the 2023 August elections, and we asked residents in Pelandaba-Tshabalala constituency to share some of the issues they wish their…

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Is Zimbabwe Prepared To Fight Climate Change?

By Pretty

Following up the State of the Nation Address, our team set down with His Excellency, in an exclusive interview to find out how prepared the Zimbabwean government is to mitigate…

Inclusion of Persons with Disability in Mining: A Necessary Step

We take a look back at some of the issues that were raised during the 12th edition of the Zimbabwe Alternative Mining Indaba in Bulawayo "These mining companies in our…

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Here’s How Mining Companies Are Destroying Communities In Hwange | ZAMI

"Recently there was an initiative which was established less than 100 meters from the school and the community and in that initiative, there is…

By Pretty

Zimbabwe Alternative Mining Indaba 2023 Highlights | #ZAMI

Check out these highlights from the 12th edition of the Zimbabwe Alternative Mining Indaba in Bulawayo. Running under the theme "A just energy transition:…

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