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Tapped Troubles: Borehole Drilling Amid Contamination in Harare

By TheFeedZW

We delve into the paradoxical solution of borehole drilling, a lifeline for water-scarce communities, yet carried out in areas tainted…

“Fulfill Your Promises” | #DearCouncillor

By TheFeedZW

Do you have anything you would like to say to your Councillor? In this episode of #DearCouncillor we asked Southerton…

Chirumhanzu South Residents’ Letter To Zanu PF’s Barbara Rwodzi | #DearMP

By TheFeedZW

#DearMP is a bold and daring episodic show produced by The FeedZW focusing on bridging the missing link between an…

From Rust to Revival: Man Breathes Life into Generators

By TheFeedZW

Check out how Paul Kachingwe is making a living from fixing old generators

“ZiG Racho Harisikubatika”

By TheFeedZW

It's been months since the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe announced the introduction of the ZiG currency. However, citizens are still…

A Letter To Zanu PF’s Beatrice Nyamupinga | #DearMP

By TheFeedZW

In this episode of #DearMP, we asked Goromonzi West constituency residents if they had anything they would want to say…

“Mbare Is The Home Of Talent” | Mini Documentary

By TheFeedZW

Take a look at the life of young photographer, Tanaka Chembezi who is using his art to show his community…

Are Money Changers Causing Zimbabwe’s Inflation?

By TheFeedZW

Scores of illegal forex moneychangers were arrested as they were converting ZiG into US dollars at a higher rate than…

Zimbabwe’s New ZiG Currency: Is History Repeating Itself?

By TheFeedZW

We hit the streets of Harare to find out what citizens think of the new ZiG currency