Climate change vs women

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Is Climate change a gendered catastrophe?

Women and girls are more impacted by the worsening effects of
climate change, primarily in the most vulnerable countries, such as Zimbabwe.

Extreme weather patterns and uncertain water availability have worsened water scarcity in Harare
which has left people resorting to contaminated water sources.

Because women are left with the burden of taking care of their families, they face higher risks from these
impacts of climate change as they are exposed to different types of abuses when
they go out in search of water or firewood.



In Epworth women have to wait in long queues in order to get water to use in their
households. Sometimes they are forced to wake up as early as 2am to fetch water,
where they are vulnerable to abuse and often find their belongings
stolen when they return home

In some  cases, women are coerced into relationships with men manning the boreholes so they may access water.




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