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Chirumhanzu South Residents’ Letter To Zanu PF’s Barbara Rwodzi | #DearMP

By TheFeedZW

#DearMP is a bold and daring episodic show produced by The FeedZW focusing on bridging the missing link between an…

From Rust to Revival: Man Breathes Life into Generators

By TheFeedZW

Check out how Paul Kachingwe is making a living from fixing old generators https://youtu.be/qUsPUAd8q2E

“ZiG Racho Harisikubatika”

By TheFeedZW

It's been months since the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe announced the introduction of the ZiG currency. However, citizens are still…

Celebrity Designer Living With Disability Breaks Barriers

By Pretty

Phillip Marufu is a designer in his mid 30's, he has a genetic condition that makes his physical appearance look…

Doug Coltart’s Letter To President Mnangagwa

By Pretty

Doug Coltart is an Attorney at Mtetwa & Nyambirai Legal Practitioners, Member of @ZLHRlawyers Human Rights Network, Organiser @YoungLawyersZw and…

Bongani Kumbula’s Letter To President Mnangagwa

By Pretty

Creative Writer and Photographer - Bongani Kumbula. If you were to write a letter to President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa what…