The Role Of Music In Shaping Politics

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The melody of drums has the spiritual connection with the human mind, it can influence as well as
teach. During the days of liberation struggle the gorillas could hold pungwe with singing just to capture
the hearts of many to go to war even today the same concept still works in churches and in the political


Politician Paul Madzore says music come with emotional drive and

motivation towards the political movement in the in the country.

“When people listen to music it must be motivational, it must be something that drive their emotions to
unite as a citizenry and think about their country,” said Madzuri.
“We must fight with ideas, we must exchange ideas, we have one treasure of love in the country
however that why love must lead the way in re-building our motherland Zimbabwe,”

“The music that l does speaks to love, motivation and uniting people,”

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